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Chef chopping Salted Brown Butter Pecan Brittle on Cutting Board
Graphic Illustration of Fern
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Handcrafted Chocolate Inspired by the Natural Beauty of the Pacific Northwest

With our chocolates and confections, we aim to bring you the same sense of joy we experience wandering the scenic Wildwood Trail in Portland, Oregon. Our unique flavor combinations, luscious textures, and graceful balance create an exceptional chocolate experience for your enjoyment.

Wildwood Chocolate was formerly known as The Chocolate Maker’s Studio.

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Blood Orange Chocolate Bar Surrounded by Blood Orange Slices
Stylized Honey Cardamom Caramel Bar
Marcona Almond Chocolate Bar Surrounded by Pieces of Marcona Almond and A Wooden Scooper

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Portrait of Steve
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Steven Lawrence

Chocolatier, Recipe Development, Manufacturing 

Rebecca Adams Savage

Sales, Marketing, Business Operations


Wholesale with Wildwood Chocolate

We wholesale our products with independent grocers, specialty food shops, gourmet markets, hotels, gift shops, and wineries around the country.

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