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At Wildwood Chocolate, we source the finest ingredients and always take the time to craft by hand

Our unique flavor combinations, luscious textures, and graceful balance are inspired by nature, creating an exceptional chocolate experience for your enjoyment.

With every bite, we aim to bring you the same sense of joy and discovery that we experience wandering the scenic Wildwood Trail in our home town of Portland, Oregon.

Fern Leaf
Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Bar


Good Food Award - Winner, Fennel Pollen Caramel

Good Food Award - High Scorer, Berry Berry

Best In Show - Oregon Chocolate Festival

Best Candy Bar, second place, Salted Brown Butter Texas Pecan Brittle - Oregon Chocolate Festival

Our Team

Steven Lawrence, Co-Founder and Chocolatier, brings our company immense creativity in recipe development and over 25 years of expertise managing chocolate confection production.  After 15 years in the industry, Steve started his own craft chocolate business in 2010 called The Chocolate Maker’s Studio.  His passion for perfection can be tasted in every bite of Wildwood Chocolate.

Rebecca Adams Savage is Co-Founder responsible for all aspects of Business Operations.  Rebecca has a discerning palate for specialty chocolate and more than 15 years operating growth businesses.  Her ambition has ignited our company's growth and brought Wildwood Chocolate to retail partners from coast to coast.

Chocolate Bar